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About Us

We design and manufacture flavours & fragrances   to fill with emotions and sensations your daily life.

Dauper S.A was founded as a company in 1988, and it is dedicated to the design and production of fragrances and flavours for different sectors of the market.

Our facilites, Upgraded to an industry 4.0 since 2020, are fully-equipped and automated  with the latest technologies, managed by artificial intelligence software and by our expertise staff. 

This, combined with the careful selection of raw materials and rigorous Quality system standards, allow us to guarantee fast delivery and completion frames agreed.

In Dauper

Dauper is a Family owned Company with shared values that has gone from parents to children. This values such as loyalty, ethics, and leadership as well as our commitment with the community, have been followed by our employees creating a synergy that conforms the heart of our Business.

Our customers’ needs are the strength of our work and that is why we offer them a personalized Solutions. We like to have one to one attention, advising and providing them with a wide range of products to choose from. Thanks to our R+D Laboratory we develop fragrances and flavours made to measure, according to the growing needs of the market and of each one of our clients.

We are well aware of the damage caused by humans  to our planet  and this is why we are always very careful with the environmental impact that we can cause, reducing and compensating C02 emissions. Our premises are equipped with the latest technologies and with a rigorous quality system that guarantee  the sustainability and quality of our products.

We know that difference is the key success. This is why  our Research and Development Department keeps developing new flavours and fragrances, new sensations that will awake the senses of our customers and their final consumers always going along with the new tendencies of the market.

We have the knowledge of classical and traditional perfumery but we are also contemporary perfumers of the digital age.
We offer a close relationship with our partners using collaborative tools to share knowledge and we are open minded using the new technologies which allow us to obtain the highest perfection in our designs and researches.


Because we work with the most valuable things, human beings and senses.
How many times we forget the sensations of everyday small things such as the freshness of a recently wash teeth, or to relax with the foam of a warm bath with the subtle smell of scented candles or feel the perfume of that special person walking by your side… small details of everyday life that makes our day happier. This is why in Dauper we do not believe only in designing fragrances and flavours, but in creating emotions for your senses.

Since it’s opening in 1947 as a small company dedicated to the distillation and distribution of essential oils until the making of fragrances, Dauper, S.A. has won its prestige, thanks to the knowledge of traditional and homemade fragrances.

In 1988 became a partnership between Ferrao and Alonso families. With an injection of capital and the deep knowledge of our main Senior Perfumer and Chairman – Mr. Jesus Francisco Ferrao – the Company accomplished a sustainable modernization and development.

In 1991 thanks to an agreement with Quest International, Dauper took over the customers and “know how” of this big Multinational in Spain.

In 1999 new premises were opened at the picturesque town of Gualba de Baix (Barcelona) an Industrial complex with excellent facilities, both in logistics and services for the Chemical Industry.

In 2017 J. Ferrao JR. was named new CEO of the company, thus taking over the management of the company, for the second generation of the family

In 2020 the Company has been upgraded to Industry 4.0 with robotization and last technologies added.

Since then, every year we keep making efforts to be always within the best fragrances and flavours Companies, developing the newest technologies and knowledge without forgetting the traditional art of making fragrances, and art in itself.


At Dauper we are aware of the damage that our Planet is suffering day by day. That is why we use a sustainable business model.

Our long and middle term sustainability programs are focused to reach a real compromise with our Planet and our community.

Our main objective is to offer products that do not cause any damage to the environment nor to any specie  of our planet including the humans . 

For this reasons in Dauper:


  • Our management try to get a balance using sustainable sources without  exhausting natural resources that are increasingly requested by billions of consumers.
  • We are compromised not to work with essences obtained from endangered species looking always for sustainable alternatives.
  • We never use: nanomaterials ,OMG or  raw materials from animals of any kind. 
  • We use efficient manufacturing processes always respectful with the environment.
  • We control, reduce and compensate our CO2 emissions.
  • We look for the real benefit of the final consumer when processing our products.
  • We follow the “good practice” code and the IFRA ( International Fragrance Association ) regulations including all the regulations dictated by the European Union and our Common Sense.


Dauper S.A. – through the objectives and principles defined in this document – wants to reflect its commitment to implement and maintain a Quality management system based on the ISO 9001 – 2015 regulations.

In order to put it into practice, Dauper follows the values of loyalty, ethics, leadership and commitment to society and its employees.
The objectives aimed by the company in the activities of design and manufacture of fragrances and flavors are the following:

1.  To get the permanent satisfaction of its clients
2.  To produce its products according to the best manufacturing practices in order to maintain and improve their quality

The following principles have been established in order to achieve these goals:
1. To strengthen the relationship and communication with our clients in order to find out their needs and expectations. This is of main importance in order to ensure good and stable relations and to gain new clients.
2. To enhance the skills of our staff as an essential principle of quality. Only with the adequate training, communication, active participation and teamwork of all these people who form Dauper – the business excellence will be achieved.
3. Dauper engages to comply with all the applicable requirements and whenever possible with our clients demands.
4. To provide the adequate training to our personnel in order to know and apply the ISO standards
5. To establish annually quality objectives by taking into account the risks, opportunities and context analysis

J. Ferrao Jr. CEO of   – April 2018

Where are we

Our premises are located at Polígono Industrial Gualba de Baix, 40 minutes from Barcelona City AP-7 Motorway Barcelona-Girona exit No. 11 –Sant Celoni-Montseny) an area with one of the biggest concentrations of Chemical Industries in Spain, very well communicated thanks to the Motorway, train and the nearby airports of Girona and Barcelona.

Global Headquarters

Ctra C-35  km 56,6

Sant Celoni – 08470


T. +34 938470066


Torrent Terrades 9

P. I. Gualba – 08474 

 Barcelona – Spain

R&D Lab.

Rue des pommiers 105

Saint Martin de Bellevue 


Middle East Office

Dauper FZC

Saif Zone

 Sharjah -U.A.E.

T. +971  506 710744

Our Markets

We have customers in more than 42 countries arround the world.

Europe, Asia, Africa, America and Ocenia.


For more information about distribution or contact in your area, please do not hesitate to Ask Us