Top Trends: Fine Perfumery Notes To Use This 2019

Do you know what print you must follow this spring-summer? Or what will be the key color of next autumn-winter? And the most important thing… Which fragrances we will find in our favorite’s perfumeries?

From Dauper we sum up the main trends of olfactory notes for this 2019. Scroll on to get a leg up about must have of the season in raw material for fragrances.

Even the gourmand fragrances prevailed during the last decade, we are living a back to the source of perfumery thanks to complex compositions based on the different 21st century lifestyle.

2018 was a year characterized by the floral notes boom in perfumery. Bouquet of the seventies will be reinvented thanks to the latest techniques in extraction and the decline of sweets. Main reason? Big cities need flowers that are no longer found in their landscapes, evoking gardens and nature. During 2018 we have seen many releases with white flowers in their compositions such as Orange Blossom, Jasmine and Tuberous.

The same effect will be lived this 2019 with citrus and green notes that reveal the needs of freshness in political and social upheaval times. A wonderfully distinct aroma that truly stays its course decade after decade. Classics citrus like lemon, bergamot, neroli or orange will reinvent themselves thanks to extraction techniques that enhance nuances in their chords along with innovative goods such as Kumquat (dwarf orange), Lemongrass or Hassaku with the aim to achieve a citrus modern retro fragrance.

In 2019 cool and sparkling creations will coexist with denser releases. Ouds use in Western perfumery will continue in crescendo. Resources like the Shamama or the Jatamansi that we currently find mainly in oriental perfumes will be used more frequently, merging East and West.

Another key issue will be niche perfumery advance. The search for diversity, to find an exclusive fragrance that defines us, more selected will be the departure point for new perfumes. Based on exclusive raw materials of great wealth composed of purer and more natural resources, which are normally exotic and poor accessibility.

What trends do you identify with? We will be waiting your opinion.

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