Pursuing the Essence of Christmas and Perfume …

December 16, 2019 By dauper@dauper.com

According to dictionary the essence of something it’s most important characteristic which gives its individual identity. We, all the employees of Dauper have been working last 30 years pursuing the essence of a perfume, but when December arrives we asked ourselves..

What is the essence of Christmas?

Now that it’s time of Christmas, we think about what it’s the real essence of Christmas, and all around the world Christmas means a time for compassion and forgiveness, share what you have, our appreciation to people, irrespective of the nationality ,race, status or gender.

It’s about to forgive others for their wrongdoings and help people for the pursuit of happiness. It’s time to share our time and feelings with our family, friends, community and to the world

From Dauper want to wish to our customers and their families a very happy, healthy and joyous Christmas, and all of us at Dauper join in saying thank you and Happy Christmas!!

What is the essence of a perfume?

According to the dictionary, an essence is a strong liquid, usually from a plant, used to add flavour or smell to something.

A perfume is a fragrance diluted in alcohol, this fragrance is complex composition of a mixture of 20 to 150  natural and synthetic components, creating what is called a fragrance compound. And this is the scent that gives the smell of a final product, and give form  to the essence of the perfume.

For Christmas time we are familiar with differents scents that remind us this special time of the year, we propose five:

  • Fresh pine scent that brings back memories of a Christmas tree
  • Gingerbread scent that take us to our homes, cooking delicious cookies!!
  • Roast Chestnut scent that transmits to us the warmth of a fireplace
  • Cinnamon scent the most typical  scent that give the most cosier and merrier place
  • Chocolate scent that bring us to our childhood and all that memories.

And remember smell is the most powerful of all the senses, the more emotional that bring us to an emotional level. This is one of the strengths of our job and make us very passionate with it

What is the essence of Dauper?

Dauper is a Family owned Company with shared values that has gone from parents to children. This values such as loyalty, ethics, and leadership and our compromise with the community. Pursuing Our customers needs are the strength of our work and that is why we offer them a personalized service, we like to have one to one attention advising and providing them with an extensive range of products to choose from. Thanks to our R&D Laboratory we develop fragrances and flavours made to measure according to the growing needs of the market and of each one of our clients.