Covid-19 Impact on Fragrances

The emergence of Covid-19 and its psychological impact has modified our preferences and expectations as consumers, making personal security the most value factor.

We have lived a boom in the purchase of cleaning & disinfectant products during these months. Aromatic fragrances (lavender, rosemary, eucalyptus…) and marine fragrances with ozonic notes help us to enhance the freshness and cleanliness feeling needed for our homes.

Disinfectant soaps, gels and creams use will be standardized, highlighting hand and body care importance.For bath time, we’d need to relax, using gels and soaps that help us to calm down. Fragrances that contain woody notes as sandalwood and an oriental trend with resinous notes help us to disconnect.

The holistic approach is becoming the main incentive in consumer behavior. We will search products that promote our internal and external well-being. The main goal will be to preserve our balance.

The appearance of the pandemic has also accelerated certain trends that have been happening, such as cocooning. Cocooning is the given name for the tendency in which the individual socializes less and chooses to stay at home, seeking for shelter. Circumstances force us to look for a comfortable and safe environment in our home against the world insecurity situation.

This trend becomes an opportunity for the air care market, as people will look for a way to make their environment a more comfortable place. Home will become the main stage of our lives, and we will search to feel different emotions which contribute an impact on our mood. Relaxing fragrances (vetiver, vanilla.); refreshing (mint, green tea, sage.); and energizers (citrus and tropical notes) will be the most requested.

Candles the best option for consumers to scent their homes, closed nebulizer machines and reed diffusers. The home perfume routine can help us to modify our sensations throughout all day. Aromatherapy can help us to relax, reduce stress and anxiety, especially if we resort to fragrances that we have used in pleasant moments of our life, our brain will associate that smell that is familiar to us with past moments lived.

The art of perfuming will remain. After the bath, scenting ourselves will be our sensory gift that will help us to enhance our safety and well-being. Unisex fragrances could be the most requested.

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